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About Me

My Background


When I was younger, I'd often rearrange my clothing to create a design that supported my feeling of individuality and freedom. I had no clue that those traits would lead desire to become an artist. Through the years of paving my own eccentric path, I have learned to carry that same essence of freedom as an artistic jewelry designer and visual creator. 

My Mediums


I use many different mediums, such as gel pens, acrylics, beads, graphics and more . I have learned to open my creativity to unlimited resources. Therefore, to allow my most artistic flow, my true medium list is unrestricted.

My Inspiration


I believe that this Universe uniquely connects all living things. Therefore, I deeply enjoy studying physics and the nature of this multidimensional universe. As an artist, I've learned to have a center inspiration that guides my designs. This center is what some call God but is the greatest artist; you, may find a trace of my studies and beliefs through facets of my artistic jewelry and visual art designs.